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 Whats your Social Style?

Do you live for the party, or is dinner with family or a partner more your thing? Do you prefer time on your own in a cafe. Or maybe you like to mix it up a bit? 
The chances are that whatever you prefer, you would suit having a selection of key jewellery items that are versatile, with a few stronger eye-catching pieces. Read on for style secrets and essential jewellery box items you can adapt to almost every occasion.

Key Essentials- the Basics!

The truth is, that every jewellery box can benefit from some basic minimalist items. A few sets of earrings, bracelets, pendant necklaces and a couple of rings. Think minimalist, simple styles. I would suggest spending a little more on getting some good quality pieces in precious metals like gold or silver. What you pay up front you will gain back time and time again over the years as you find yourself going back to these items for all sorts of life and work events. Look at getting different length necklaces, or different metals, so you can have more variety and choice when you wear these. A few small gemstones might also be included in some of these pieces for delicate sparkle and shine.

Remember to Clean Your Sparklies!

Give your jewellery a wipe to keep it clean after use and store your items in a jewellery box, or their original boxes when you’re not wearing them. Use a precious metal cleaner as required, or consider getting your jewellery professionally cleaned if they start to look like then need it (silver may tarnish temporarily over time whilst gold can lose some of its lustre. see our article How to Clean Jewellery for further information). Certain gemstones can also require some special care. 
Wearing Tip: These key essentials can look great for work or to add a touch of class to your everyday outfits, whether in the office, or for casual days around town.

Layer It Up

Now you have your basic jewellery box items you can wear several of your bracelets or necklaces together (in different lengths) together to create a layered effect. This can add interest to outfits and give you a more dressed up look than wearing pieces individually. You can easily create personal signature looks by mixing meaningful jewellery items together (eg birthstone or initials on your jewellery). We’ll have more on this and on personalising your own look in later blog posts.

Stack It Like It’s Hot!

If you’ve stocked up on several basic rings, you can wear them together to create a lovely stack of rings. This is where buying simple styles really pays off, as they are more likely to stack on top of each other or be comfortably worn next to other rings on your hand, compared to chunkier rings.
Wearing Tip: Layering and stacking can be great for turning your casual day look up a notch, for after work event.
Pro Tip: Keep your extra items in your bag if you’re going straight out after work. They will need a protective case to stop them getting damaged. A hard slim reading glasses case can work well, and easily fit into your handbag if you don’t have an alternative.

Statement Rings/ Necklaces

Few jewellery boxes would be complete without at least one or two statement pieces. These jewellery items will be bigger and often more colourful than your other pieces. They are great for adding interest to your attire, and for making you feel like you’ve made more of an effort. A few chunkier items of jewellery will serve you well for bigger social events and times where you want a stronger look to your outfit.
Wearing Tip: You might consider this look for a big social night out, or dining out on a holiday with summer dresses.
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The Basics

Make a Statement

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