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What is Minimalist jewellery?

Minimalist jewellery is more than a trend. It’s been around for a long time and continues to be popular among the modern crowd of jewellery lovers. In fact this style of jewellery has seen a growth in popularity over the past several years, tied in with the move towards a simpler and less cluttered lifestyle alongside the shift towards more ethical choices. Minimalist style offers all the sparkle and luster of gemstones and precious metals, yet keeps it simple and elegant, giving it great appeal to people from all walks of life.

Minimalist is a type of ‘barely there’ jewellery, that’s worn subtly rather than as a bold statement piece. Its elegant aesthetic complements all sorts of outfits and it’s simplicity means you cannot really get it wrong when wearing the style. It’s delicate nature simply works its subtle magic on everyone, effortlessly enhancing the natural beauty of it’s wearer.

7 Reasons To Love Minimalist Jewellery

1. It’s Easy to Wear (and Hard to Get Wrong!)

This kind of jewellery is the easiest style to wear. It can be worn as dainty pieces to wear simply and individually, or layered and stacked to ‘build’ a look, for a bolder effect. 

2. Its More Affordable than You Might Expect

Minimalist jewellery uses less metal and generally smaller, or less gemstones in it. This means they are often provide a much more affordable way of wearing precious metals and gemstones due to a lower price point.

3. Its Great for Gifting!

How many times have you thought about purchasing a piece of jewellery as a gift for a friend, colleague or family member only to find yourself overwhelmed with what kind of style, colour etc. that they might like? Its so easy to get it wrong with bigger and more specifically styled pieces. Whilst  the minimalist style provides options you know will suit everyone and their simplicity means you cant really get it wrong. The best bit is you can use it for multiple gits for that person over the year or several years (e.g. pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings… ). So no need to worry about what gift to get them for the next few years.

4. It Can Be More Ethical

It can make a great choice for ethical jewellery lovers. Recycled precious metals can be more expensive than virgin (newly mined) metal. But with minimalist jewellery using less metal and gemstones means a lower price point to begin with, so you can afford to spend a fraction more on recycled and more ethical brands.

5. A Great Present for the Younger Generation

This kind of jewellery makes lovely gifts for children and youngsters growing up. Its usually dainty and there’s nothing loud about it. So it makes a fabulous coming of age gift for sweet 16th’s, graduations and other special and memorable times in a young person’s life. It’s simple nature means it always looks good and its simple style really suits the innocent image of children growing up. Whilst giving them a little bit more responsibility of having something of value as a precious gift to cherish.

6. Popular with Non-Jewellery Wearers.

This style is a great way to dip your toe into the world of wearing quality fine jewellery, without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Its easy to add a touch of sparkle with minimalist gemstone earrings or a small gem set pendant, or simple thin 1 mm ring bands. A great way to cheer up an outfit or give it that professional finish without going overboard.

7. It Can Work for Men Too!

Don’t worry we’ve not forgotten the guys! Minimalist jewellery is both suitable for men and a great gift for men to give. (Use the guidelines in the rest of the article if you’re thinking of buying for others.) Whilst minimalist jewellery for men can include plain ring bands, minimalist tie pins or cuff links, or single stud earrings. Alongside simple style precious metal bracelets or neck chains.

So minimalist jewellery is an easy wear style that really does have something to offer everyone. At Willow and Stag we are a huge fan of this style, which is why we have such a wide variety of items to choose from… as well as plenty of wearing tips. Browse our range and fall in love with our minimalist jewellery designs.