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What is Dainty Jewellery... and Will it Suit YOUR Style?

What is Dainty Jewellery… and Will it Suit YOUR Style? Get the lowdown on this style of jewellery with our handy quick guide. 

Dainty delicate jewellery is a style that’s been in fashion for some years, with no sign of stopping any time soon.  Minimal, simple and very wearable pieces lay at the centre of this style which is also very affordable too. 

Wearing dainty jewellery for work or social gives an incredibly chic look. It’s a style that takes the simplest looks like jeans and a shirt and gives them instant polish. A ‘finished’ look that appears effortless and not overdone in any way. Dainty looks modern and effortlessly polished.

Light – Comfortable – Effortless

Stack and Layer…Just Not All At Once

Choose your mix and match items, just be a little more sparse about wearing them, to maintain the dainty look. Dainty is less about big stacks or multi chains and bracelets and more about keeping it light and taking care to adhere to the old adage of “less is more”. This keeps the look delicate rather than heavy with stacks and layers.

A few rings scattered on your fingers, or a bracelet, necklace and just a ring or two can work wonders on an outfit, whilst keeping it understated.

gold tiny diamond ring

Wearing Tips…

Dainty necklaces:

  • Detailed tops look great with a dainty necklace (lace, cutouts, fancy trims, prints). This is a great way to wear a hint of jewellery whilst letting your outfit do the talking.
  • Collared Shirts & Tops can really be set off by one or two dainty layered necklaces showing at the neck. 
  • You can even wear them backwards! It’s a modern way and popular with the wedding crowds. Pair your favourite dainty necklace with an open back or low back top or dress. Wear your hair in an up do and you’re ready to go. This is particularly suited to pendant styles with a charm.
dainty necklace

What are you waiting for?

Get into dainty jewellery today 🙂


Mini hoop pendant necklace in silver 10mm delicate hoop 2

Did we mention it’s affordable?

So affordable that it’s worth holding out to buy this kind of jewellery in precious metals like silver and gold, which will really shine with lustre and raise the profile of any outfit.

Precious metals can easily last you a lifetime of wear with a little care.

handmade hoops photo

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