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14K Gold Filled Explained…

14K Gold filled jewellery has become a popular choice for many jewellery lovers in recent times, thanks to it’s quality, beautiful luster of Gold and it’s lower price point than solid gold. Not to mention it looks just like solid gold and with a little care it can last a lifetime of wear.  But what exactly is it?

The Quick Answer…

14K Gold filled means that the item has a core metal with a thick layer of 14K gold bonded over it with heat and pressure. The base or core metal for our 14K Gold filled items is jeweller’s brass (90% copper and 10% zinc). A 14K gold alloy is bonded to this with heat and pressure. There is no nickel in Yellow or Rose Gold filled. The 14k bonded gold is an alloy as it is less than 24K solid Gold. Gold filled is 5% gold by weight and covers all around the wire in a solid layer. With a little care gold filled jewellery can give you a lifetime of wear.

Gold filled provides a reasonably priced, quality alternative to solid gold.

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More About 14K Gold Filled…

Gold filled refers to a layer of gold bonded onto brass or another metal type. Gold filled jewellery is 50 – 100 000 times thicker than gold plating. This means that if it’s cared for, then gold filled jewellery can maintain it’s quality for a lifetime.

  • Is Gold-filled the same as Gold Plated?

Gold filled is very different to gold plated, which is a thin layer of gold which can wear away in a short space of time.

  • Will Gold-filled Affect My Metal Allergy?

If you do have a skin reaction to yellow gold alloys then it’s possible you may react, as 14K Gold filled reacts exactly like 14K Gold. So if you’re not allergic to this then you won’t be allergic to this gold filled.

Note: Gold and Rose gold is soldered with 10K gold solder, which is the best colour match available. It’s barely noticeable but you may see a slight colour difference at the joints.

  • How Much Gold is in my 14Karat Gold-fill?
A karat (or carat..but never carrot! ) explains how much pure gold is in a piece of jewelry. The higher the karat/ carat number, the higher percentage of gold is in the jewelry. All gold except 24K is alloyed (combined with other metals) to make it stronger for use in jewelry. The highest karat value is 24, so 24K is 100% pure gold. This is usually far too soft for everyday jewellery.
The karat rating of gold is out of 24- 24K gold being 99.9% pure gold. 14K gold is 58.33% gold and 41.66% other metal, usually silver, copper or tin.

Whats the lifespan of 14K Gold filled jewellery?

Gold-filled jewellery has a thick bonded layer of gold over the core metal, which is tough enough to last a lifetime, with a little care. Its always best to remove your gold-filled and ay other jewellery if you are using chemicals, or doing an activity that could damage them or cause them to wear prematurely.

The best way to keep them clean is to wipe over with a soft cloth a few times a week. Or wash in mild soapy water and thoroughly let your jewellery dry before wearing again.

Can I wear my 14K gold-filled jewellery on holiday and at the beach?

Its best not to wear your gold-filled jewellery on the beach, as sand and saltwater could cause damage and excess wear to your jewellery. 

What is Gold Vermeil?

This is not gold-filled so not as hard wearing.

However it is a high quality gold plating. Its usually plated over sterling silver usually. Typically this is done via electroplating the gold over the silver.

Gold vermeil is not as hard wearing as gold-filled, though can last several years if cared for. Typically only clean when necessary with a soft cloth. Gold vermeil works best as jewellery for occasions rather than everyday wear. Unlike gold-filled, which can be worn everyday.