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What is a Fidget / Anxiety Ring?

textured fidget ring 3 beads

What are they?

Fiddle rings are both attractive and functional with dainty moving balls that freely spin around the thin 1mm sterling silver band.

Why they are special:

Spinner Rings / Fiddle jewellery have long been popular for boredom, relaxation, mindfulness and  have also been found by some to be helpful for anxiety conditions and even autism.

How to wear:

Spinning ball rings can also be used for contemplation. During meditation and yoga or through the day. We have had people use them as distraction techniques to deter them from vices and bad habits like biting nails too. 

Our fiddle rings are stackable, so you can wear multiple rings on the same finger or one alone.

Please note: This item does not substitute for medical advice. Please see your general practitioner for medical information.