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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Rings

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Article Content

  • Types of rings and their meanings
  • How to measure your ring size
  • How to care for your rings

Bonus Information

  • What does the correct ring size feel like?
  • You and your ring over time.

What does the correct ring size feel like?

The ideal ring will easily slide over your knuckle, yet still feel snug enough to stay on your finger without spinning. You should need to wriggle it a little to get it on and off, as if it comes off too easily it could slide off and get lost. 

Alongside this bear in mind that several factors will cause your finger to change size throughout the day (not to mention throughout a lifetime). So ideally you will test your ring size several times through the day. There will also be some seasonal variations with the temperature changes for instance. However if you got a good fit to start then your ring should still fit well throughout the year. Alternatively have your finger professionally sized by a jeweller. 

You and your ring over time

As your fingers and knuckles change with age you may consider either getting the size altered, or a hinge or other adaptable fastening added. Or perhaps you will choose to wear your ring on a beautiful ring holder necklace instead.