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At Willow and Stag our fine jewellery range is created in sterling silver or gold, then hand-finished by a skilled jeweller in our small North Wales studio. 

As a brand working from a semi-rural location among the stunning hills of Wales, we are inspired to leave as little environmental impact as possible. We use recycled materials wherever we can, including gold, silver, paper and plastics. We are also proud to maintain close links to a hub of local artists and artisans whose services we use wherever possible.

We do not follow fast fashion trends, but instead choose to make our jewellery carefully with the intent that with careful wear it lasts for many years to come.

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We are serious about the environment and use environmentally friendly minimal packaging for our products. We also have a commitment to supporting projects working towards positively influencing climate change by helping to fund climate projects and sustainable tree planting.

We have a climate positive workforce and business ethos. As well as our commitment to being carbon neutral.

Visit our Ecologi page to see how every purchase you make from Willow and Stag helps create positive change for our world.

We support responsible tree planting
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Our Metals

Our main Willow and Stag collections are made in 925 sterling silver, gold and rose gold.

Our main gold and silver supplier in the UK is Cooksongold, part of the Heimerle + Meulle Group. This German company specialise in precious metals and supply 100% recycled gold and Ecosilver silver.

Heimerle + Meulle are approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA), a global authority on precious metals. They work to protect the supply chain of precious metals, including measures to combat illegal and human rights abuses globally.



Our Gemstones

Our main gemstone supplier in the UK is also Cooksongold (See ‘Our Metals’ above). Part of the RJC.

The RJC and it’s members are opposed to activities which directly or indirectly finance, benefit or facilitate armed conflict, extreme violence and human rights abuses.

We also use Cornwall based Kernowkraft. A third generation company who only use ethically sourced gemstones from trusted suppliers and conflict free diamonds.

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Our Packaging

Our gift boxes are made from Eco friendly packaging. This means the glue, cardboard and paper used to make them are all 100% Eco friendly. 

We are working to ensure other aspects of our packaging are also environmentally friendly; such as the use of 100% biodegradable storage bags for our loose materials.

We work paperless wherever possible in the office, and where it’s a necessity look out for recycled and environmentally friendly options.

We know we have more to do and are continually upgrading how we do things to be a low impact, environmentally conscious sustainable jewellery brand, now and for the future.