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What is Scandi (Skandi) Jewellery?

Scandinavian (or Scandi) style jewellery is defined by minimalist, easy wear, simple (yet elegant) and stylish designs. The look is clean without heaviness, it’s unpretentious, eye-pleasing, understated and luxurious. Think about dainty over heavy jewellery and light over excessive. Scandi is defined by clean lines and smooth shapes inspired by nature. The kind of shapes that are elegant and timeless. What’s not to like?!

The Background…

Where is Scandinavia? Scandinavia historically refers to the 3 northern European countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The expression is often expanded to include Finland, Iceland and occasionally Greenland too. These countries have strong cultures rooted in the sea, nature and society. Their inhabitants tend to follow a simpler way of living- so it should come as little surprise to find the development of a lighter, uncomplicated jewellery style from here. Jewellery formed around a delicate style that’s perfect for everyday elegant practicality. Precious natural metals like gold and silver worn on their own, or with statement diamonds and other gemstones to add delicate sparkle and shine. Clean and soft lines dominate the shape, design and form of these pieces, with a commitment to outstanding craftsmanship. The beauty lies in the finer aesthetic rather than their intricacy.


Is it a New Trend?

Far from it! Its a style thas been around at least since the end of the 19th Century; with thanks to home decor designers like Alvaro Alto, Hans Wegner and Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) who promoted this cleaner lines and simpler style. It has become more fashionable again in recent years though, and particularly in the jewellery industry where people are looking for a less complicated style. The revival has undoubtedly linked in with this shift towards minimalism and slower living. A trend of being content with less posessions, whilst experiencing nature more fully. There’s a growing body of evidence that this way of living has a positive impact on physical and emotional health and wellbeing. For example, the 2018 World Happiness Report released by the United Nations found that Scandinavian countries easily rank above the rest when it comes to contentment. 

What Else is this Style Associated With?

By default, you would find it hard to talk about Scandi style without mentioning some popular buzz words- Hygge, Lagom, or Nordic style, for instance. In brief, adopting a Hygge state of mind has no direct British translation, but involves the concept of warmth and coziness. Whilst Lagom is a swedish idea about enjoying a happier, balanced and more sustainable lifestyle (he word itself roughly means ‘just the right amount’). Whilst Nordic style is described as effortless yet elegant and understated. The internet is loaded with fashion and lifestyle images of these styles of decor and adornment, including specialist blogs, Instagram Feeds and Pinterest boards on these subjects.

Ethical Reasons for Going Scandi

Perhaps it’s also ethical reasons-a rise in earth conscience- that’s helped the trend grow. A move towards being less wasteful of natural resources and encouraging fairer trade across all industries. Including fairer pay and safer working practices, for poorer countries involved in the world fashion and jewellery industry. A greater awareness of how resources like diamonds and gold are traditionally extracted has led to shifts in the industry. With focus moving towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

This fits in well with Scandi jewelery, as the ‘less is more’ look with lighter styles and smaller gemstones from ethical brands means consumers can wear gorgeous modern jewellery that they can feel good about spending money on.

3 Tips for Getting the Look


1. Price Point

Buy less and invest in high quality. Its worth investing in classic, beautifully crafted pieces made from high quality materials. Good craftsmanship combined with natural precious metals like gold and silver and natural gemstones will stand the test of time. With a little care they can easily become the kind of jewellery that you wear for the rest of your life, then pass on to the next generation.

2. Day to Night

Think multi-functional. From a few key items during the day to combining several pieces to create a stronger look at night. Super-miniimalist clean pieces allow you to stack multiple rings or layer several different length necklaces without looking clunky. Whilst varied mix and match options mean that you can put your own twist on a look. Layering and stacking is made for these designs.

3. Keep it Clean

Due to their simple elegance you will want these pieces to really shine and any gemstones to sparkle with vibrancy, so don’t forget to give your jewellery a careful clean after wearing to bring out the sparkle. Don’t forget to take your jewellery off when you’re doing any cleaning, showering or exercising too. Or doing any other task where they could get scratched and damaged.

Enjoy Scandi style!

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