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Why wear a right hand diamond ring?

So you know all about the significance of  left hand diamond ring? The popular choice finger for engagement rings. But what about the lesser known right handed diamond ring… . Why should you wear a right hand diamond ring?

The right handed diamond ring (other gemstones are available!) is based on the premise that you don’t need to wait for that special someone to buy and wear a gorgeous diamond ring. Some might say it’s anti- institution. But for most it’s simply a 21st Century privilege of the working person, that they can have one without any ties to a significant other. Nor feeling obliged by society to wait for one to be bought for them.

The trend is a few years old, but still holds plenty of sway. When you think about it why shouldn’t the modern woman have a stunning diamond ring of her own if she want’s one? Here at Willow and Stag we think it’s a great idea to be able to have whatever ring you desire, no matter your personal relationship status. If it means you feel good and brings you joy- then go for it! 

What else can it mean?

A ring on your right hand can be worn as a sign of independence in women. You wear the jewellery you love and want to wear without giving in to social expectations and assumptions. 

There can also be many significant reasons to treat yourself to ‘that ring‘… . You know the one you’ve been looking at and lusting after for months… years even. It can be a celebration of a significant life milestone. Be it a dream career move, retirement, a special birthday… or another noteworthy achievement. Or for no other reason than you loved it when you saw it and wanted to own that ring. So treat yourself! Trust me… you’re more than worth it!

You’re worth every bit of happiness and joy that comes your way. You’re worth every beautiful and fulfilling experience life brings to you, or that you strike out to claim for yourself… so enjoy, no regrets, live the dream and buy that ring of your dreams if you want it.

How to choose the right ring for yourself…

With so many choices out there you might find that far from having already found the perfect ring, you are all set to buy a right handed ring to celebrate your independence/ life achievement, but find you just don’t know which one to choose!

SO… we’ve put together a mini guide to give you a few ideas. But don’t feel bogged down by it all, these are just ideas and suggestions.

Firstly if you are thinking of spending a good amount on the ring then don’t worry about following fashion trends. Chances are you intend to wear it for many years to come, so the first step is to look for a ring that really catches your eye, yet you could see yourself wearing years down the line.

1.What style of jewellery do you like to wear?

Are you a minimal person when it comes to jewellery. If so then a small solitaire style stone might suit you well. Or are you looking for a bigger statement ring? Would you prefer an antique ring, or do you want to create your own stacking set (2 or more rings that fit together and can be bought either at the same time, or over time to celebrate different events?). 

2. What type of diamond will you choose?

Will you choose a diamond as the centre stone, or as a smaller stone as part of a cluster of gemstones? This kind of ring could be bought ready made, or a jewellery maker can offer you a personalised choice. This could be stones selected for their significance (children’s or close peoples birthstones for example).

What about colour? Will it be a clear white solitaire style diamond, a coloured diamond (black diamonds can be popular as a right hand ring choice). There are many other colours of diamond available too, as well as many different types of fancy cut gemstones.

3. Will you choose a different type of centre stone completely?

Will you forego the diamond and choose another type of gemstone entirely? After all even the traditional engagement ring was not originally a diamond, but often a gemstone to match the woman’s birthstone. Maybe you will choose another gemstone which symbolises a trait or personal significance instead? Consider the hardness of the stone if you want to wear it daily as some stone types are softer and more likely to be scratched. The stone setting can also help protect it. It’s worth doing a little research or speaking with a professional jeweller if you have questions.

4. What metal will the band be made from?

What about the band. Will it be gold, and if so yellow, rose or white gold? Or another metal such as platinum, which is more expensive but also more hard wearing. Or maybe silver is more your thing. It’s helpful again to think about whether this is a daily wear ring, or for occasions. Daily wear rings will do better if they are made from a more hard wearing metal. Or at the least take them off when doing chores, or in water or chemicals (including hand soaps). Consider buying a ring holder necklace as a safe place to keep it if you will need to remove it a lot.

Right hand diamond rings are  often made with 9ct white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. These rings will fit your budget and look fabulous.

More ideas…

As its your choice completely you might not want a completely new ring, and instead consider a family engagement ring that’s been passed down. Either as it is, or re-styled to suit your own taste. This requires a bit more technicality but there are many jewellers that will do this for you. Or you can recycle stones from other family rings and even many metals from a family heirloom or piece of jewellery you already own, to create your own style ring.

Even more considerations…

The most important thing is to take your time, think about what the right handed ring means to you, or what you want it to symbolise. How frequently you want to wear it and consider the other points mentioned above. But best of all this is your choice, your achievement and your independence, so ultimately have fun trying different rings, and finding that right hand ring that works for you!

One final note..

There’s a lot of information and ideas above, but ultimately how perfect does it need to be for you? It may be that you just want a simple beautiful ring to wear. In that case there’s no need to go overboard. If you need a second opinion take a trusted friend, or a knowledgeable jeweller for ideas and advice.

Worst case you can always have it redesigned at a later date. Jewellery is all about the enjoyment of wearing something beautiful, with or without any deeper meaning attached. So go with it. Often people find the best one is still that ring that caught their eye right at the start of looking.



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