The Ultimate Guide to Buying Rings

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Doughnut Spinner Ring – Anxiety / Fidget

What it is:

Fiddle rings are both attractive and functional with dainty moving balls that freely spin around the thin 1mm sterling silver band.

Why it’s special:

Spinner Ring / Fiddle jewellery has long been popular for boredom, relaxation, mindfulness and is sometimes thought to be helpful for anxiety conditions also.

  • 3mm Minimalist Doughnut shaped beads. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 beads.

How to wear:

Spinning ball rings can also be used for contemplation. During meditation and yoga. Also stackable, so you can wear multiple rings on the same finger or one alone.

Customer Information:

Sizing: Please ensure you have selected the correct size before ordering.

Collection: Anxiety rings.

Standard Packaging with this item: Minimalist packaging to avoid waste. This item is sent out in a discreet letter box-sized box. Click for more information about our eco-conscious packaging.

Delivery Times: Please check delivery times before ordering, especially around peak holidays, to avoid disappointment. All our jewellery is handcrafted in our small family studio in Wales, UK. So there is a minimum making time on top of postage delivery time. This is usually 5-14 working days, depending on the item’s complexity and materials.

Re-sizing: We offer a resizing service for a reasonable fee and return delivery cost.

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