Geometric Diamond Ring Holder Necklace- Sterling Silver

Geometric Diamond Shaped Pendant Ring Holder

Fashionable yet also functional, this thin chain necklace for minimalists features a geometric diamond-shaped pendant designed to perform as a wearable ring holder. Keep your class ring, wedding ring, promise ring or engagement ring close to the heart when not on your finger by slipping it onto the geometric pendant.


Standard Packaging with this item: Minimalist packaging to avoid waste. This item is sent out in a discreet letter box-sized brown kraft box.

Delivery Times: Please check delivery times before ordering, especially around peak holidays, to avoid disappointment. All our jewellery is handcrafted in our small family studio in Wales, UK. So there is a minimum making time on top of postage delivery time. This is usually 5-14 working days, depending on the item’s complexity and materials.

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