Our Story

Minimal, delicate and elegant fine jewellery handcrafted in the heart of Wales, just for you.

WILLOW AND STAG is a modern family jewellery brand inspired by elegant design, artistic culture and the beauty of our local Welsh landscape. It’s our aim to showcase our heritage in an elegant, beautiful and original way. The simplicity of our designs, our investment in ethical materials and our Welsh artisinal background all help us create fine jewellery designs that are as timeless as they are wearable.

We offer an exclusive selection of original designs that compliment both elegant everyday wear and stunning evening looks, using sterling silver, fine silver, gold and gemstones to create our fine jewellery pieces. These include our unique signature Gold Earrings, Silver and Gold Gemstone Rings, Dainty Gemstone Earrings and more…

Personalisation options are a feature of many of our designs- from birthstone gemstones to mix and match styles that look stunning together, enabling them to be worn layered, stacked or minimally on their own. The simplicity of our designs enable you to create signature styles unique to you. This means our jewellery is always in fashion because it tells the story of you.

Each and every piece of jewellery we produce is made from carefully selected materials and hand finished in our North Wales studio by a skilled jeweller. Our small batch handcrafted pieces are one of the reasons people come back to us year on year to add to their exclusive Willow and Stag jewellery collection.

A wealth of heritage and culture provides endless inspiration to create our beautiful jewellery collections. Influenced by organic natural lines and sprinkled with a hint of Welsh magic and legend for good measure. We invite you to come and be inspired by our jewellery…

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"We have over a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, producing beautiful pieces that bring joy to customers all over the world".
Lindsay B
Creative Designer

Our Values

Ethical Gold and Silver

Trusted Gemstone Suppliers

Conflict-free Sources

Made in the UK.

Our Studio

We work from a small family run studio situated beyond the ancient market town of Wrexham, in a small village out among the rolling hills and agricultural fields of North Wales. From our studio we handcraft and hand-finish every piece of Willow and Stag jewellery before it is packed and sent out to our customers.

Meet The Team

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