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Necklace Layering Secrets from a Jewellery Designer

With so many necklace types to choose from, it can be difficult to imagine what might go well together to create a beautiful layering set for yourself. So here we will look at some tips from the experts to help you come up with your own perfect layers.

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What style are you looking for?

A minimal layered set will look different to a bohemian set. Whilst a chic set may look quite different from a personalised set of family birthstones for example. Whilst a spiritually meaningful set may be different from an inspiring set with meaningful words or phrases.

Whilst it’s possible to have a mixed set, it usually doesn’t look as styled and neat as a more carefully thought out themed one. So your first job should be to decide what theme you want your set to have.

If its the first one you’ve created the chances are you might go for either a minimal set, or a personalised signature set, consisting of personally meaningful necklaces. You can always create as many layered sets as you want once you get the hang of it.

Anatomy of a Layered Set

  1. A layered set tends to consist of three necklaces of differing lengths. So a short, medium and longer necklace. Their lengths may depend on your preference but most will have a 16-inch chain, 18-inch chain and then a 20 or 24-inch chain. This creates the classic look with a nice gap between each that usually comes to mind when you think of layered necklaces. It works well.
  2.  A layered set tends to have necklaces with thin chains. This is because it can look a bit too heavy and statementy to wear 3 bigger necklaces. Not to mention more uncomfortable when you’re moving around and they are swinging and getting in the way. A typical chain thickness maybe around 1-2 mm. Even up to 5 mm would be fine, though again, it would make the layers look heavier. 
  3. Choose simple designs for your necklaces. For example, a simple chain, or chain with a small pendant, or gemstone. Layering is about looking good, not done up like a Christmas tree. 
  4. You can choose one focal necklace if you like. This could be one bigger pendant (ideally less than 2 cm wide to keep a modern classy look), amongst two simple chains, or pendants with daintier gems or discs.
  5. You can also keep it super simple with just 3 different style slim chains. This is probably the simplest way to get the look if you want to keep it very simple.
  6. Colour! This is a tricky one. Whilst mixing precious metals like gold and silver, or rose or white gold in sets can look modern and stylish, too many colours can look overwhelming. Ideally, stick to one or two colours if possible. If you are creating a personalised set of birthstones for example then you can be excused from following this tip, as their meaningfulness to you would no doubt far outweigh the worry of different colours mixing.

Looking at how to start (or continue) your layering journey? See our minimalist pendants. At a standard 18 inches long they are perfect for layering with your choice of 16-inch short pendant.  

Keep it simple, keep it classy and have fun with your layering. What better way to show off several of your necklaces at the same time, whilst injecting your personal style into it.