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Why Minimalist is ALWAYS In Fashion

Why is minimalist style always in fashion? When we think of ‘Minimalist Fashion’ it instantly conjures up single colour outfits (monochrome). Or meticulous neutrals and capsule wardrobe pieces. ‘Finished’ with just one or two smooth and simple gold or silver accessories. All can prove a striking understated look it’s true. Yet true minimalism is less about ‘less is more’ and more about streamlining outfits. To create a simplicity from the often overwhelming job of getting dressed for your day. The simplified process of minimalising outfit choices can create freedom. As well as providing a style that’s striking in its simplicity. 

sahara medium hooped earrings

Classic Colour Pallete

No matter how neutral and straight lined the outfit, by keeping to a classic colour pallette you can luxe up your jewellery however you like. Pure gold earrings sculptural rings or initial disc necklaces.

Chic to Bohemian

Classic simply worn items can give that fabulously chic look to outfits. Whilst multi layering bracelets and necklaces with long flowing dresses, skirts or tops. Or stacking together multiple rings can set off that bohemian.


Whoever said minimalist is boring has never experimented with the look. It can be as personalised and adaptable as you like. Giving you plenty of chance to show off your personal style through  your choices and how you wear them. From super slim classic jewellery like simple smooth gold pendants and rings, to textured designs, symbol jewellery, or personalised initial or gemstone pieces. 

How many more reasons to LOVE minimalist style can you think of? There are literally endless opportunities to have fun with it and make it your own.

I hope you enjoy playing with and creating your own streamlined jewellery collection.

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