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How Do I Measure My Ring Size?

How do I measure my ring size is a question we often get asked at the studio. Ring sizes are affected by a number of factors- age, medical conditions, pregnancy, temperature, to name a few. 

For the purpose of this article we will look to find out your basic ring size. 


  • Take the measurement in the evening, when your finger will be a little larger. 
  • Don’t take the measurement when your finger is cold. This can give you a reading smaller than what you need.

Here’s a step-by-step outline of the best ways to measure your current ring size. 

Method 1:

You Will Need

  • Fine nib marker or another easy flow pen
  • Paper
  • Ruler (cm / mm)
  1. Cut a long strip of paper no wider than 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) .
  2. Wrap it around the base of your chosen finger you want to size.
  3. Ensure the loop of paper slides easily over your knuckle without getting stuck, but is still close-fitting.
  4. Take your pen and mark the points on both sides of the paper where it overlaps. 
  5. Open up the piece of paper, take a ruler and measure the distance between the two marked points.
  6. From here you should use a ring chart to measure the size of the ring needed for your finger.





Q & A Section: Ring Sizing

1. Have fingers that swell up easily, or you’re pregnant?

Consider a ring holder necklace to hold your rings when they become too tight.

2. Have a medical condition that makes your knuckles bigger and rings stop fitting well?

There are a few choices for you. Measure your ring size as above then:

  1. Choose a ring with (or have fitted) a special latch for arthritis.
  2. Choose an open backed ring (or check to see if you can have your ring converted to one.
  3. Have your ring resized by a jeweller.
  4. Use a ring holder necklace to still display your ring(s) if you are unable to wear them.
  5. If all else desn’t work then your best option might be to visit a jeweller and have your ring size measured correctly. Then use one of the solutions above.

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