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Gemstones Too Hot to Handle | Discover what's HOT in the world of gem jewellery

Discover our current TOP gemstones flying off the jewellers bench. These gemstones are smoking HOT in the world of gem jewellery right now.

1. Amethyst

This stunningly vibrant purple stone has been a jewellery favourite for many years. Considered a classic in the world of semi-precious gemstones, where it’s easily distinguishable by its deep violet colours. Its popularity and ready availability in all types of jewellery, alongside it being a stone hard enough to withstand everyday wear means it’s a popular stone that will continue to be worn for a long time. 

Discover more about Amethyst HERE.

2. Red Garnet

Once considered a substitute for ruby by some, this eye-catching red gemstone has developed a firm place all of its own in the world of jewellery. Red is well known for being a colour that draw’s the eye to it, and what better way to use it than in a piece of jewellery destined to draw the eye and enhance the beauty in its wearer. Being a red gemstone, it’s also got a long association with love and romance, where it represents fiery hot passion as well as deep love that goes far beyond friendship.

3. Peridot

Another hot brightly coloured gemstone capable of bringing up strong emotional links of natural beauty and wellbeing. Its bright yellowy-green tones are instantly recognisable amongst gemstone lovers. Whilst once it came from only one location in the world, it is now widespread and creates a wonderful splash of colour to complement any skin tone.

4. Citrine

Few stones carry the sunny warm tones of a citrine. It’s vibrant yellow shines like the morning sun and can be an instant uplifting colour for those who wear it. 

5. Diamond

By no means a rare stone these days, the diamond still holds it’s crown as a hot gemstone to own. Who can blame us for falling in love with this versatile stone that can go in any piece of jewellery, where it will shine like a crystal star. In recent years it’s not only white diamonds that have seen popularity but also coloured and even black diamonds.

6. Pink Tourmaline

A gloriously pink blush gemstone, that can also roll into darker shades of hot pink. Tourmaline can also be multicoloured- such as the sought after Watermelon tourmaline, with its pink core, moving out to various shades of green and blueish tones.

7. Morganite

At a slightly higher price tag than pink tourmaline, Morganite is catching up with pink Tourmaline in popularity, though it’s not as readily available as Tourmaline currently. its beautiful pinkish hues from pink champagne to deeper tones.

8. Blue Topaz

The big brother of vibrant gemstones. Blue Topaz is another jewellery favourite. Comparing to Amethyst in its popularity, the light navy tones of the London Blue colour is the favourite, though the bright blue of Swiss topaz is growing in popularity. 

There are dozens more gemstones of varying shades, tones and hues out there, so this is by no means a definitive list. It is, however, our TOP gems and there’s no denying they are HOT gemstones for jewellery.