Gemstone Face Rollers Review: Do they Really Work?

Gemstone Face Rollers Review; Do they Really Work?

Thought gemstones were just for jewellery? Think again, with our beauty and wellness articles where we take a look at other uses for gemstones. This article shines the spotlight on Gemstone Face Rollers.

Gemstone face rollers are far from being a modern phenomenon. They have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) facial enhancement therapies and other disciplines for a long time. Back before I became a Jeweller I was a TCM and healthcare practitioner for nearly a decade and face rollers were well known to us back then. So what’s the lowdown on these gemstone beauty enhancers?

photo of a jade roller

Why use a Face Roller?

Face rollers have had a resurgence in popularity in the Western world, particularly when used over sheet face masks in order to encourage the ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply. They can also be used with other skincare products to help absorption into the skin.

They can also be gently heated up to have a warming effect (by placing in warm water for a minute, dry then use over a mask), or or cooled by keeping in the fridge to help reduce puffiness. 


How to Use

  1. Face roll upwards in one direction (never up and down- its not a paint roller after all!).
  2. Start under your jawline and roll a few times in each area (3-5 strokes upward in one spot) as you move all around your jaw, covering the area from under ear to opposite ear. 
  3. Work up under the cheekbones and out towards the hairline, finishing along the brows and towards the forehead.
  4. I used the smaller end gently under my eye area.

Follow this routine several times a week. The experts say that results should be noticeable in a few weeks.

Keep it Clean

Use a little mild soapy water on your roller and ensured you rinse and let it air dry properly ready for the next use. 

Note: Its important to let it dry completely as the metal supporting the rollers could tarnish (and nobody wants to roll a brown rust stain over their face). Cleaning also removes product so you don’t roll stale cream or oil and bacteria over your face.

jade face roller how to use it . jade roller against the cheek.

So whats the verdict?

I used the face roller in the mornings for one week after applying my face serum (currently I’m using a Rose Oil blend. Pretty much any serum or moisturiser will be fine though, so just use your usual).

I loved the feel of the cold jade against my face. My skin is ever so slightly sensitive but also dry and mature (I’m nearly 40), so I do have a few fine lines around my eyes and a slight frown line. 

My skin did feel tighter and I noticed less morning puffiness. Being a former natural health practitioner I’m pretty sure this is the combination of cold jade stone and light pressure helping to drain the lymphatics of toxins from my face. 

 I noticed that my Rose blend skin oil did seem to sink in a lot better when I used the roller too.

Will I be using it again?

Yes. It worked better than I imagined it would and it’s so easy and convenient to use that I can see myself easily incorporating it  into my morning face routine  to help absorb my face serum and moisturiser. I’m also going to try to use it in the day occasionally too. 

There doesn’t seem to be any drawback to using these on normal skin types so long as you keep it clean between uses (I gave mine a quick wipe with a biodegradable baby wipe- always on hand with a 1 year old. I would have happily used mild soapy water otherwise as mentioned above). The rollers are as cheap as chips and so easy to use. They’re widely available via online marketplaces, so if you’re thinking of giving one a go then I would recommend it. Definitely worth picking one up to keep in your beauty bag.

As a busy working mum I would also consider using this in a little ‘met time’ ritual. It would be easy to make this a part of a relaxing half hour ritual of self care for yourself. Light some candles and enjoy taking care of your skin in the evening. Or as I did, use it as part of a morning wake up and skin cleanse/tone/moisturise ritual.

I’m interested in trying out the different gemstone rollers you can buy. The amethyst and rose quartz ones have caught my eye, so I might stock up with one next to my vanity mirror in the bedroom and one in the bathroom make-up bag.

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Note: The views above are the authors alone and are not meant to replace medical advice. The author is not affiliated with any products mentioned in the article. Any views stated are her own personal experience and thoughts about using the products mentioned.