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Ethical Minimalist Jewellery Brand... What YOU Need To KNOW!!

Minimalist jewellery is a style of jewellery that is simple, elegant and subtle. It can be worn as individual pieces or layered and stacked for a bolder effect.

According to Vogue magazine, every wardrobe (or jewellery collection) should have everyday jewellery items. Minimal jewellery is the perfect fit! Some of the advantages of minimalist jewellery are:

  • It’s easy to wear and hard to get wrong. You can match it with any outfit and occasion without worrying about clashing or overdoing it.
  • It’s more affordable than you might expect. Minimalist jewellery uses less metal and smaller or fewer gemstones, which lowers the cost of production and purchase.
  • It’s great for gifting. Minimalist jewellery is suitable for everyone and can be personalized with initials, birthstones, or charms. You can also buy multiple pieces for the same person over time.
  • It can be more ethical. Minimalist jewellery can be made from recycled or sustainable materials, which reduces the environmental impact of mining and manufacturing.
  • It’s popular with non-jewellery wearers. Minimalist jewellery is not too flashy or heavy, which makes it comfortable and appealing for people who don’t usually wear jewellery.
  • It can work for men too. Minimalist jewellery can be unisex or masculine, depending on the design and material. Men can wear minimalist rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings due to their unisex nature (neither overly masculine or feminine).

So what does being an ethical minimalist jewellery brand mean for Willow and Stag ?

For us being an ethical minimalist brand means that we are highly conscientious of our impact on the world with our raw materials and processes in making jewellery. Everything from the metal we use to the chemicals in our processes has to be the most ethical and environmentally sensitive that we can make it. We are continuously working towards using the most ethical measures available for our brand. 

There’s a global move towards more ethical living and conscientious product choices. I think the western world has realised the power that consumers can have on the market and indeed manufacturers have had to adapt to this new level of consciousness and shift to ethically produced goods. 

Willow and Stag studio, started as a grassroots company built from a family dream of creating minimal beautifully designed jewellery made with conscientiously and with love. Handcrafted jewellery was at the centre of everything we do. This means that we have direct contact with all aspects of design and manufacture, giving us the flexibility to ensure our processes are as environmentally sensitive as possible. Alongside agility to adjust rapidly to industry changes and new ways of producing ethical goods. Largely traditional methods meant we didn’t need a lot of things other than hand tools, a few electrical tools and skill in our jewellery makers. 

It also gave us control of the process of buying raw goods and can choose more ethical raw materials than bigger companies where profit margins and shareholders stakes can dominate over human and environmental issues. 

Overall our style, working practices and ethical consciousness makes us a great choice for the ethically minded modern thinking person looking for fine and demi-fine jewellery in our signature minimalist style. 

PS Did we also mention we’re a carbon neutral company? 

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