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Engagement & Wedding Rings Q & A

Welcome to our Engagement & Wedding rings Q & A article. Here we discuss common questions from couples buying engagement and wedding rings with us.

Q: How Do I Find My / A Partner’s Ring Size?

The easiest way is to visit a local jeweller who can size you up professionally. We also have a Ring Sizing Guide and we also sell Ring Sizers, so you can size your ring in UK measurements (which we use) in the comfort of your own home.

Alternatively see our article on finding your ring size here….

How Do I Measure My Ring Size?

Q: Are Thin Bands Okay For Everyday Wear As An Engagement Or Wedding Ring?

THin bands can be very durable and last a lifetime if cared for. Gold and silver are fairly soft materials so the shape will alter over time to fit your finger. If you are happy with this then there’s no need to do anything. If you would like it re-re-shaped then its very easy for a local jeweller to put it on a mandrel and gently hammer it back into shape.

Its best to remove your rings temporarliy if youre going to do something that could cause them to wear or get damaged. This can include sand from the beach or when using cleaning chemicals too. A ring holder necklace can be a great way to still wear your ring when you cant wear it on your finger.

Q: Is it better to have a looser or tighter fit to my ring?

This depends on your personal preference. Some people like a looser fit whilst others prefer something a little tighter. Its useful to note that fingers tend to swell a little in the warm weather, whilst rings can become looser in cooler temperatures. On the other hand, you don’t want it loose enough that its in danger of slipping off. 

If you do have any concerns about your ring slipping off in winter, you could either choose to wear it in a ring holder necklace for a month or two, or use a simple thin band ring on to to hold it in place.

Q; How Do I Keep My Diamond Or Gemstone Ring Sparkling?

You can see our jewellery care guide for some great tips on keeping your jewellery clean and safe. A local jeweller is the best option for cleaning your gemstone ring. They can also give your ring a check to make sure no stones are loose through wear and tear, and that the metal is not damaged, particularly around gemstones.

For everyday cleaning a wipe over with a soft jewellery cloth is usually enough to maintain a lovely shine. With the occasional deep clean by a jeweller as required.

Q: Are Willow And Stag Diamonds Conflict Free?

Yes , all our diamonds and gemstones come from conflict free suppliers. We also offer moissanite and Swarovski crystal alternatives to diamond if you prefer. The diamond as an engagement ring gemstone is still a relatively new phenomena. Prior to this it was popular to choose a coloured stone , or birthstone as an engagement ring.

Q: Do You Have Engagement Rings Without Gemstones?

Yes, we have both plain and textured bands which can compliment wedding rings, and worn as a wedding ring stack. We also have signet style rings which have a plain or patterned emblem/ initial, etc.

Q: Whats The Best Way To Choose A Wedding Band To Pair With My Willow And Stag Engagement Ring?

We have a selection of wedding bands to fit our engagement rings. If you have a band style engaement ring, or one with the gemstone above the band then any ring band should fit nicely with it. 

You can also choose a wedding band that’s shaped with a V-shape or a curved edge on one side to fit over your engagement ring. You can also use a thin shaped band to act as a spacer ring between engagement and wedding rings, if you’d like a stacked rings effect, or if there’s a gap between the engagement and wedding band you’ve chosen.