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Wellness and Self -Care Articles

Self care and well-being are more important than ever these days. So we’ve put together a selection of projects and wellness articles to help you find balance, harmony and relaxation. Reclaim your juju right here..

Current Collections

nose rings and body jewellery

Minimalist Basics Collection

Find all your minimalist everyday jewellery requirements here in our basics collection. Its a great place to start building your mix and match Willow and Stag jewellery collection.

Wedding Fever Range

Perfect gifts for brides and wedding parties. Unique and beautiful minimalist gifts and occasion wear jewellery. Sparkle and shine at events this season.

birthstone pendant necklace from willow and stag studio

Birthstone Jewellery Gifts

Birthstone jewellery pieces make beautiful keepsakes and are highly popular personalised gifts. Explore our range here.


opal jewellery care guide article

Hints & Tips for Jewellery Care

Care guides- hints and tips to keep your fine and demi-fine jewellery looking fabulous for years to come.

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Learn More About Gemstones

Browse our articles on popular gemstones used in jewellery, beauty and wellness.

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Read our Latest Style Guides

Explore new styles and ways to wear your jewellery collection with our style guides.