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Ear Party: 5 Ways to Ear Cuff Heaven

Ear Party: 5 Ways to Ear Cuff Heaven

With cuffs, climbers, jackets and other styles to choose from, there is endless opportunity to create your own style. So go wild with these versatile treats of the ear jewellery world. 

What are Ear Cuffs?

Cuffs wrap around anywhere on your ear cartilage, but are most commonly are seen in the helix position (top) or conch (side) of the ear. Bigger cuffs tend curve around a wider area, whilst thinner cuffs can be more strategically placed. As cuffs aren’t restricted by how many pierced holes you have, its possible to customise how and where you wear them to your heart’s content. It makes them some of the easiest and versatile ways to change your look.

A Brief History

Its easy to believe ear cuffs are a modern invention, when the truth is they have been woven through history from 60s glamour (think ‘Marilyn Monroe’) and further back to ancient times in cultures around the world. it seems that only for a brief time they fell out of fashion in the western world. 

Ear adornments like cuffs were used for many purposes, from style, to rank and even as a show of marital status long ago in the east. Their style has changed through history from heavier more elaborate, or fancy pieces to lighter and more casual styles for the modern world. This is great news for minimal jewellery lovers- as it means there’s a lot of variety available for everyday and occasions wear.

Once, long ago the ear cuff was nown as the ‘kaffa’ and used on the outside of the ear as an embellishment that didn’t need a pierced hole to wear. In the 1920’s  the ‘earrites’ were created and claimed by Marcel Boucher to be his legal design property. Roll forwards to 2015 film premiers and events where Jennifer Lawrence, singer Rhianna and Emma Watson were all seen wearing ear cuffs. The trend has not slowed since.

  1. Sparkle with Gemstone or Crystal Ear Cuffs

One of our favourite ways to create a minimal yet eye-catching  style is to dress ears with a crystal ear cuff. The sparkle of these cuffs as they hug your outer ear can be beautiful. It speaks of glamour in an understated way and can instantly raise your outfit to look more expensive.

They tend to look particularly good when you want to dress up for an event. If you have short hair or an elegant hair-up style then all the better. These also look great for weddings and make beautiful bridal party jewellery. Also perfect for events when you know there will be photographs taken. Though we’ve also seen some awesome photos of them paired with leather jackets and jeans, showing just how versatile these can be.

2. Dainty Ear Cuffs for Everyday Casual

Simple band cuffs in your choice of thickness are great for everyday wear. They can easily become part of your go-to jewellery ensemble which you put on in the morning, to get ready for the day. They add beauty to the ears and bring attention to other parts of your face and hair. Wear them strategically at different points on your ear, or just one casual cuff to make this look your own. Dainty ear cuffs are the number one type of ear cuff to add to your collection.

3. Boho Beautiful – Dangle Charm Cuffs

Dangle charms are a great way to bring out the boho babe in you. Pair them with your favourite summer dress, or wide legged print trousers for an instant touch of bohemian. Or pair them with everyday wear for a subtler style. Add a dangle cuff to your holiday jewellery bag and enjoy. Whether it be on the beach or down town seeing the local sights. 

Get the look with leaf dangles, feathered, other nature inspired or tribal design cuffs and piercings.

4. Ear Crawlers for a Long Elegant Design

Ear crawlers unlike cuffs, usually make use of your normal ear lobe piercing. They have a long stem that goes up along your ear in a straight or patterned line to give a long elegant look. Such as our gently textured Bark Textured Ear Climber.

Other designs can be based on elaborate hybrid wraps that ‘crawl’ up your ears to create a bolder statement look. They are both climber for the outside of the ear and wraps. They literally  ‘wrap’ around your ear as they climb up.

5. Chain Ear Cuffs

Another popular variation on the ear cuff is to have a slim chain dangled from the cuff (usually in a loop back up to the cuff). This makes the design look bigger and more decorative. They can still be delicate though and draw attention to the line of your face and neck due to the elongated design. A slimmer chain adds a delicate note to the ear, whilst a thicker one can help create a more rock and roll look.

These can be found in lots of variations, such as one cuff attached to another with a chain, or a cuff attached to an earring with a chain. Double and even triple chain designs are also popular.