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Dainty Jewellery - Inspiration Guide

Looking for some jewellery inspiration? Read our dainty jewellery style guide to help you pick out your stunning dainty jewellery looks.

Dainty Earrings & Cuffs

Theres a trend for multiple earrings (sometimes called an ear party) , or stacked earrings to give a more decorative effect to the ear. 

Multiple piercings can certainly help crealte a swathe of versatile looks with multiple earrings worn at once. However theres also the option of wearing ear cuffs, which wrap around the ear and dont require a piercing. Or climbers, which go through an existing hole and then have a long length that travels up the ear for a  stronger look. A range of textures and styles, as well as metal colours are available. Search for red carpet ear cuff looks to get further inspiration for a glamorous event. Or keep your stacked earrings more casual with just one or two bands or climbers. 

Fine Hooped Earrings

Hoops have enjoyed a long history as a jewellery box staple. With so many sizes, thicknesses and textures (and even shapes) to choose from, the humble hoop can be worn with any level outfit. From casual, to smart to super glamorous. Hoops will always be in fashion. If you want to wear just one piece of jewellery then hoops can be great. 

Subtle Nose & Body Piercings

Nose and body piercings are a great way to show your individual style, whether it be a gemstone or hoop in your navel, or a nose ring through the side or septum (middle of nostrils). Anyone can pull of the pierced nose look with the right type of hoop or stud. You can choose from real piercings or a clip on style fake piercing to try out the look before you commit, or as an alternative to a permanent piercing. Some of the most popular septum piercings can be simple pointed and textured nose rings. Or nose hoops and studs for the sides, either with gemstones, smooth or gently textured. The size of hoop you choose can also be personalised.

Slim Chain Necklaces

Slim chain necklaces are a great addition to your jewellery box. Their simplicity and varied lengths allows a multitude of simple or layering effects to be made. Whether you choose mono-colour (a single colour) or mix your metals is up to you. The same necklaces will look great worn in different ways to suit the occasion- from office chic to night time glamour, to festival babe, and all in-between.

Keeping to the same colour tends to work well for a polished look, and particularly work events. Whilst more necklaces added together gives a fuller layered look. Create your own unique combination by mixing simple plain chains of different lengths, boho, symbol, gold, silver, gemstones or charm necklaces together.

Suitably Sexy Lariat Necklaces

The longline flow of a lariat necklace draws attention to one of the most beautiful and feminine parts of the body. These necklaces usually comprise of a long chain with a single length of chain running down from the end. How long this is is up to you, as is whether you let it flow over your outfit or down between your cleavage. Lariat necklaces can be bought with gemstone charms or a simple elegant chains in classic gold, rose gold or silver. Their thickness is a personal choice, as is whether you choose an extra special diamond encrusted version for an air of expensive to any outfit. These necklaces can even look fabulous with a high neck dress or top, making them more versatile than you might first think. Or take a modern adaptation and wear them reversed with a backless dress so the long line of the lariat flows down your spine. This look saw particular popularity with brides a few years back, especially with pearls or crystal / diamonds incorporated into the long line. There’s no need to be a bride to pull off the backwards look though. The lariat style necklace is a great addition to spice up your look to the next level.

Minimalist Choker Necklace

From long lariat to short choker. Then necklace length that hugs your throat and draws attention to the delicate neck area. I always feel like a cat when I wear one- especially a gold diamond encrusted version.

Chokers can look great at any age- from the classic pearl design, sparkling gemstone ‘belt’ around your neck, to the simplest of chains. It can also provide the first layer for your necklace stack. Chokers are typically around 14-16cm in length and sit just above your collar bone, or a little higher around the neck itself. The choker effectively draws attention to your neckline, so make sure to buff and moisturise for a beautiful neck worth showing off. A choker can go with almost any top or dress. Even high neck outfits can make use of them worn on the outside of the neck material if it cant be seen. There’s a touch of old school elegance to the heavier chokers, whilst slim chain versions and dainty types look fresh and modern.

Pendant Necklace

The pendant can be a small disc with an initial or symbol on it, or a birthstone, or other charm worn on a chain. Its another versatile neck adornment, with the added benefit of being able to personalise it how you want with something meaningful to yourself, or keep it plain and simple. Varied lengths can be mixed and matched. For example, why not try mixing a 16 inch, and 18 inch and a 20 inch version together, for a layered set that sits on your collar bone, just below, and a longer necklace that will rest approximately around the top of your breastbone. You could also try a super long 24 inch necklace for something that sits more in the centre of your chest. Or use the lengths individually to draw attention to where you want it and to break up the silhouette of a long outfit and add interest.

The most popular necklace lengths tend to be around 18 inches.

Delicate Rings

Modern fashion loves a dainty ring. Either worn singly, several over different fingers, or worn together as a stack, dainty rings are a staple part of the modern everyday jewellery look. There is also the option of midi rings , also called over-knuckle rings, that sit at the top of the finger rather than below the knuckle. Also thumb rings. 

Dainty rings come in smooth or various textures, like the tree bark textured ring, or hammered design. There’s also the option of brushed for a more matte sparkle effect, or super shiny. Gemstone rings can be meaningful such as dainty birthstone rings, tiny diamond rings, or simply there to add a sparkle and some colour to match what you are wearing. 


Minimalist Bracelets

Slim minimal bracelets are another popular type of jewellery. Either worn as one or two subtle bracelets, or as a whole stack of thin bracelets on your wrist, for that personalised style. Various chain styles and charms can be bought to make the look completely unique and your own, by mixing and matching for the occasion.