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Capsule Wardrobe Jewellery Guide

Do you find yourself rummaging through a pile of jewellery containers every morning, yet still feel like you’ve got no inspiring accessories to match your outfit? Then a capsule wardrobe jewellery collection might be just what you need!

Capsule jewellery collections- just like capsule wardrobe collections- focus on fewer but more versatile and better quality jewellery pieces. So you can feel a million dollars every day, without spending a small fortune on pieces you won’t get your wear out of. By switching to a capsule jewellery collection your bank account will thank you, and you’ll have more money to spend on the things that give you chance to show off those accessories- like travel, going out and having experiences (whilst still looking amazing on those photos!).

The best way to begin is with a few basics, then slowly acquire more meaningful quality pieces to build your collection over time. When you’re thinking about capsule wardrobe jewellery think quality pieces over quantity- remember, there’s no rush to get everything at once. Even just one item worn the right way can create a beautifully elegant minimal effect.

To start the perfect capsule jewellery collection you can follow our mini guide below. Whether you’re already a seasoned capsule jewellery owner or a newbie to it all, you’re bound to find some great tips and inspiring ways to update your look for autumn with capsule jewellery accessorising.


So what items are capsule superstars? The simplest starter is a pendant style necklace in your favourite precious metal. Gold, silver or rose gold all work well, as do dainty birthstone pendants for a touch of sparkle. Next you can add a pair of earrings to match. A tiny pair of diamond or birthstone studs look good on everyone. Further recommended starter pieces to collect are a ring and a bracelet. Your first set doesn’t necessarily have to be matching metals, but it can help to polish and define your look if they are.

From there the world is your oyster. Add a few more of each item as and when it takes your fancy, giving you options for stacking and layering up your jewellery. Continue collecting elegant and versatile additions until you have created your perfect capsule jewellery collection.


A selection of minimal necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings ideal as your go-to workwear jewellery. These can finish off your work outfits really well. You may like to wear just one or two signature items every day, or to create a more dressed look.

You may decide to wear a different metal or gemstone to compliment the particular outfit that day. This kind of jewellery is subtle enough for everyday wear without being overbearing, and can really add a sense of style and polished professionalism to your workwear.


Capsule jewellery is very much about discovering multiple ways to wear your jewellery for different occasions. 

Try two or three necklaces worn together for bolder elegance. You can mix and match precious metals like gold and rose gold, or keep to one metal using necklaces of several different lengths, even mixing different gemstones if you like. 

Test different pieces together to see what your favourite combinations are. Then take some selfie photos so you can remember your favourite style combinations and how good they looked on you.


So how about capsule jewellery for autumn? Keats’ “season of mist and mellow fruitfulness”, might have you reaching for the cosy jumpers and umbrella; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your jewelled beauties with a few seasonal essentials. For example, autumn can be the perfect time to wear those sparkly diamond earrings.

Or how about a bracelet worn over your jumper sleeve? Have you considered investing in a beautiful brooch for your scarf or coat collar? These can all help enhance your autumn attire, bringing out your unique style, when others forget that it’s the subtle things that matter and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Happy capsule jewellery hunting!

Feeling excited about building your very own capsule jewellery collection? Why not start browsing today!

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