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3 Tips for Buying Jewellery to Last a Lifetime

buying jewellery to last

Buying Jewellery to Last… 

Ever wondered what kind of jewellery you should buy for long term wearability? The kind of jewels you will still be wearing for years to come, still love and that will never go out of fashion? Here are three top tips for buying jewellery to last. Read on for our 3 top tips. 


1. Style Over Trend

Find your personal style rather than following the big fashion house names when it comes to jewellery. Trends move so quickly and following them is the quickest way to blow your budget. Instead think about what you will still love to wear years from now not just months. What have you bought in the past that you still love to wear years later? There’s a good chance this shows more of your personal style than anything else.

2. Think Long-term

Save up for items that are not immediately within your budget. It’s well worth getting what you really want and will love wearing for many years to come, rather than poorer quality items that you will either not enjoy wearing as much, or have to replace in a few years. It’s really important to look for quality here, as this will stand the test of time. A well made item made from precious metals is far more valuable long term than several less well made items made from cheaper, less durable materials.

3. Think Sustainable

Would you feel better wearing a mass produced item made by people in poorer countries for a poorer wage, or made from materials from conflict zones, areas controlled by drugs barons and other problem areas? Or would you prefer a piece of jewellery made on a smaller scale, using more sustainable materials and with greater care for the environment taken into account? This can be the hidden reality when you buy a piece of jewellery. It can be the real choice you make.

Bonus: Extra Tip (One for good luck!)

Meaningful Jewellery

Some jewellery has obvious meaning, like wedding bands and engagement rings. These celebrate love and the beauty of two souls choosing to share their love and lives with each other long term. However there are also birthstones to consider. These celebrate the traditional values associated with the month of your birth and gemstones to match. They help to tell the story of YOU! What could be more personal than that. Birthstones are great for thoughtful gift giving, as well as for building your own personal jewellery collection. There are also zodiac signs which are representations of the star signs visible in the night skies during your time of birth. These can be a visual representation of the star pattern or of the symbol represented.
There is also a whole world of personalised jewellery to consider, including initials, special co-ordinates, loved ones names and so much more. We will look into this more in future posts. You can also check out our other Journal articles for style, inspiration and advice on finding your perfect jewellery collection.
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