August Birthstone Profile

August Birthstone Profile

Shining the spotlight on this month’s gemstone – Peridot.

General Information

The yellow green peridot has long been associated with the birth month of August. This stunning coloured gemstone is found both deep within the earth’s mantle (sometimes brought up by lava) and in meteorites.

Brief History

Peridot has a long history for use as jewellery, with evidence as early as the Ancient Egyptian times, where it was mined from an island on the red sea called Zabargad. Equally long has it been confused with other gemstones, from topaz to emerald. It’s even been said that Cleopatra’s vast emerald collection may actually have been Peridot.

Modern Sources

These days this gemstone can be found in both the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the Island of Sardinia in Italy. 

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