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5 Minimalist Jewellery Gifts She Will Love

Looking for Minimalist Jewellery gifts? Want to find that perfect jewellery gift? If there’s one thing we know well, it’s how to please a woman with jewellery. Which is why we’ve put together this mini buying guide. Let us take the pain out of finding that perfect jewellery gift for her. Just follow our recommendations below to uncover the luxury gift she’ll adore.

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1. Does She Have Pierced Ears? 

Then here’s one luxury item  you can’t go wrong with. A pair of beautifully handcrafted gold hooped earrings. These gold earrings are beautifully handmade by skilled crafters, working from a small Welsh studio. Wales- the land of myth and legend, has a long history of exceptional craftsmen. So what better place to have these made.

These ‘Sahara’ hoops come in an array of sizes. Which means there’s something for everyone. Does she like to wear earrings a lot? Then try the Sahara Medium Hoops –  great for work or casual wear. Or is she more of a subtle earring wearer? Then go for the Infinite Hooped Earrings . Also available in several sizes, but most popular in 10mm gold . For a lighter flash of colour and shine.

2. Want a Gift You Can 'Add To' Over Time?

Then these gorgeous slim band gold rings are just the ticket. Available in either yellow, rose, white gold or silver. Pick her favourite gold colour to start off her set.

Just one or two are needed to start to mix and match her collection. Wear over different fingers, or stack several together to ‘build-up’ a personalised ring stack. These dainty bands look beautiful and minimalist, providing the perfect finish to an outfit. Build up with more rings over time to create a truly personal set. Further ring ideas include different textured rings, birthstones, and other thin stackable rings.

Begin with these ring bands as a starter gift you can build up. You won’t be short of a gift to give her for some time to come.

Tip: You can find her birthstone in our article HERE.

yellow gold ring 9ct gold minimalist band
diamond ring holder

3. Want a Luxury Gift that’s Also Functional?

Give her a versatile minimal necklace like this one. She can wear it alone, but also use it to keep her rings safe.

Ring holder pendant necklaces are smoking hot to wear right now. Particularly as rings often have to be removed frequently. EG for handwashing, healthwork, housework, gardening, and many more occasions. Both attractive and functional. Ring holder necklaces ensure she will always have a safe place to keep her special rings. These are also useful for inherited rings. Or rings that are the wrong size. As well as rings that can no longer be worn for various reasons.

A jewellery box ‘must have’ for ring wearers.

4. Looking For An Extra Special Luxury Gift?

Want a gift with that extra ‘wow’ factor?

If there’s something every jewellery lover dreams if it’s owning a diamond. There’s no sparkle quite like a diamond. The ultimate token of love and care. To wear a diamond feels luxurious and expensive. This is why these minimalist diamond rings bridge the gap perfectly between luxury and everyday wear. The dainty 2mm diamond ring is just enough to get that stunning sparkle. Whilst being dainty enough to wear frequently without ever looking too much. Even better- these rings are designed so that you can wear with other rings. Ideal to build up a personalised ring stack over time. There’s something so special about owning a diamond ring. They’re not often bought for casual occasions. But instead are particularly suited to life milestones and special birthdays. Or maybe she just loves diamonds? Either way they make a stunning luxury jewellery gift. Whilst their dainty size also makes them very affordable. 

sterling silver tiny diamond ring
what does carat mean

5. Looking for a Personalised Gift?

Long bar necklaces make a stunning gift. A bar can easily be personalised with her initial. Or name, or that of children and loved ones. Even a short message of the right size for the bar. Which can be worn front for people to see. Or reversed as a private ‘secret’ message. It makes them a lot of fun to buy. As well as being incredibly meaningful, if you want them to be.

Personalised jewellery is often cherished for a lifetime, because of the significance it holds.

I hope you enjoyed reading the ideas above. These gifts are beautiful, thoughtful and bound to give you lots of brownie points with the people you care about.

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Lindsay B x