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Willow and Stag Jewellery

Ethically produced minimal, elegant designs that are easy to wear and versatile. Go minimal, or layer and stack them to create your own signature style.
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Our Story

  Willow and Stag fine jewellery is carefully designed and handcrafted by a tiny team of metalsmiths and jewellers, working from our small family studio up in the rugged hills of North Wales, UK. 

  We are passionate about crafting beautiful jewellery from ethical gold, silver and gemstones. Adding a sprinkle of Welsh magic to our designs made just for you.

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A Note from Willow and Stag Founder
"I know that you want to feel love for every piece of beautiful jewellery you own, and that you don’t always have a lot of time to decide what to wear, so its important to have versatile pieces to choose from. I know you want your jewellery to celebrate your beauty and enhance your individuality and style; and I understand the challenges you face in finding jewellery you love, that’s ‘just right’ for a variety of situations, worth your money and makes you feel really good about what you're wearing. I know you care about the environment too and want to avoid companies that damage it.
So over the past decade I’ve been working on jewellery that overcomes your problems. Understanding your experience is the reason I created my line of jewellery and its the reason we create our articles and offer tips and advice. Willow and Stag is for people just like you. So I invite you in to see what we have on offer and if you have any queries at all please do get in touch through the contact tab up top. Wishing you lots of fun browsing the site, and remember to keep checking back for frequent beautiful jewellery updates and tips to get the best out of what you wear, because life's too short to have to do all the groundwork yourself."
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Lindsay Hughes
Creative Designer